This is Why we Do What We Do

Happy client shares details of his family's "trip of a lifetime" to Ireland, curated by us!

There is an art to curating travel.  

It's our tagline, and it is what we love to do. And we love when our satisfied clients take the time to let us know how much they enjoyed their trip we have curated with them.

Here are highlights of a wonderful write-up by one of our favorite clients, Marty B:

"If you google "trip of a lifetime", it says there are "about 173,000,000 results". Pretty steep odds of finding that mythical trip of a lifetime if you ask me. But it's not impossible - my wife and daughter and I had our trip of a lifetime, literally perfect down to the smallest detail.What's the secret? Do you need special magic crystals or a complicated travel algorithm?No, it's actually pretty simple. In fact, just two words. Call Erika!

"Two other quick points. First, Erika is the best, the BEST, when it comes to picking the right hotels in each town and city! She knows them inside and out, not from reading reviews, but from personally going there and checking them out. And it's clear right away that all of these hotels have great respect for Erika. There wasn't a single hotel where the manager didn't come out to personally escort us to our room and ask us to send his regards to Erika, making it clear that the upgrades and gift baskets at each hotel were there because we were clients of Erika. And, finally, I've got to say that, within the confines of curated travel, Erika is very sensitive to your budget. She works with a slew of different vendors as she crafts your trip, and carefully reviewed the prices with us and very much respected the budget we had set."

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Testimonials & Reviews

Excellent personalized Service

Excellent personalized service from the wonderful Erika O’Connor.  She found us an amazing manor to rent for Xmas in the UK and her hotel reservations come along with surprising extras!  Highly recommend Curated Wanderlust!!!

-- Patricia D.

...dedicated and consummate travel professional

Erika is a dedicated and consummate travel professional who will consider every aspect of importance in any of your trips.  As a highly capable and incredibly resourceful travel architect she will turn every trip into an experience to remember and look back on with fondness.

-- Beran P.

Discerning taste...

I have known Erika for years, and if anybody has a discerning taste for where and how to travel, and how to thoroughly enjoy the experience of travel, she's the person.

-- Michael G.

Looking for an Amazing Travel Experience?

If anyone wants an amazing travel experience, this is your company.  I know Erika personally.  She is well traveled and has experience first-hand living in many other countries.  She is not only passionate about travel but passionate about people.  Life is about making memories and what a better way to make them.  On to your next adventure - with Curated Wanderlust!

-- Julie G.

What the hell have I been doing?

So, I asked myself this question this morning...What the hell have I been doing?  Thank you for showing me how travel is supposed to be done!  I truly had no idea of how to do this correctly, and now I get it!!


-- Jeff S.

Only Travel curator I Will partner with

I cannot recommend Curated Wanderlust more highly!  Erika's dedication and attention to detail will ensure that your trip will be the most memorable experience.  As we are planning our new and exciting Wellbeing Retreat Portfolio, Erika is the only travel curator I would consider partnering with!

-- Beran P.

Email from a Satisfied customer

A Trip of a lifetime to italy to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary

Erika designed Jacquelyn's and my trip to Italy for our 16th Wedding Anniversary.  We gave her the parameters of what we would like and then she made it better than we could have expected.  

Erika was very well organized and took us step by step through the entire trip before we booked any hotels, tours, etc.   She helped us with navigating the normal trials of transportation to and from airports, train stations, day trips, and all across Italy and into Switzerland.  She expertly and wisely used her contacts at the five star hotels to help make us feel as if we were the most important guests. Everywhere we went, she had provided a touring plan that we could follow to see all of the sites or use as a general guide if we decided to just stroll.  

Her attention to the smallest details is what really set this apart from anything we have ever done.  A week before we flew to Italy, Erika had provided us with a complete packet that included itineraries, hotel contacts, train tickets, names of drivers for hotel transportation, where the driver would meet us and many other useful items or suggestions.  

I can only say that this was a trip of a lifetime and it could not have gone more smoothly or been more memorable.  I cannot stress enough how well your trip will be planned and how memorable she will make it. 

Thank you Erika for making Jacquelyn's and my anniversary one where we made wonderful memories and that we will never forget.

-- Baxter E.