The Curated Wanderlust Process

Our five-step approach to travel planning is one that we have crafted with great care and mindfulness to ensure a seamless and detailed process to curating luxury travel.

1. Discovery

What is your travel style?  What was your favorite trip and why?  What are you seeking for this experience?  What does luxury mean to you?  We spend time getting to know each other and make sure we clarify and truly understand your vision.  The end goal is to have deep understanding of how we will work together and move on to the next step.

2. collaborate & DESIGN with you

This phase is our favorite part of the process.  Working from our discovery phase, we begin curating your travel plans.  This is where we utilize our global contacts and exclusive membership in Virtuoso.  Here the partnership between us and the client is so important as we polish and fine-tune your itinerary.  By working closely with you, we ensure that we meet or exceed every expectation related to your vision for your experience.

3. collaborate & Confirm with our partners

Not only do we collaborate with you, but we work closely with our global partners to ensure a seamless experience for you.  This is all about the details and the deadlines.  Time is precious and we revel in gifting you time, while we navigate the minutiae of the trip.  Your job is now to relax and enjoy the anticipation.  This process is completed when you have in hand your detailed, custom itinerary, any necessary travel documents and reference materials needed.

4. Experience & support

When you are finally off on your vacation, we will be behind the scenes, working on your behalf.  We follow you while you are traveling, connect with our colleagues who are taking care of you and smooth out any issue that may pop up.  All this is to ensure that joy and peace of mind flow for your during your trip.  Additionally, we are readily available to you 24/7.

5. Reality Check

Before the memories fade, we have a welcome back discussion about your experience.  What did you love?  What might you have done differently?  Discussing these and other things we both learned along the way will enhance your next adventure with us.


Professional Curation Fees

Just as each individual experience is unique, so are the curation fees.  Curated itineraries are highly detailed and time intensive.  As a general guideline, fees are based on the length of the trip combined with the complexity of the custom experience.  In conjunction with our time, the value we deliver with our industry knowledge, Virtuoso membership, travel experience and creativity are priceless.

We get remunerated in three ways:

  1. Professional curation fees.
  2. Commissions paid by some of our global suppliers.
  3. Referrals from our satisfied customers.

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Travel Tips

When traveling overseas, there are some important tips we pass onto our clients for ease of travel and to avoid any unforeseen issues. 

Passports:  Be sure your passport has more than 6 months validity from your travel end date.

Credit Cards: Try to use a credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees, if possible.  Also, alert your credit card company that you will be traveling to avoid any hold being placed on the card. 

Credit Card Charges:  When traveling in other countries, many businesses will ask if you want the card charged in your home currency or in the local currency.  ALWAYS request (or press the option for) LOCAL currency.  Businesses can set their own exchange rates and make quite a profit on the extra fees.  

Cash:  Many restaurants will only take cash, particularly in smaller cities.  Use your Bank ATM card to withdraw cash in the local currency.  The fees are usually lower than exchanging money at your bank or a currency exchange office. 

Tipping:  Unlike in the US, tipping 20% is not standard.  In most European countries, rounding up and adding in another euro or so is considered plenty.  In higher end restaurants, 15% would be considered  normal.   Additionally, many times the "tip" is included in a cover charge in the bill.   Tipping on tours is not included and can run between 10 - 15 per person for a full day tour.  

Bill at meals:  In particular in Europe, there is no rush to turn tables to make more money.  The custom is that you need to ask for your bill.  In Italy, especially, they consider it rude to bring you the bill until you ask.  Make sure to review the bill carefully before paying.  

Adapters:  Make sure you have correct adapters for the plug size and voltage of the country you are traveling to; there would be nothing worse than not being able to charge your phone! 

International Drivers License:  You may rent a car with your local drivers license, but you may want to apply for an International Driving License for peace of mind.